advice on replacement for old and bulky camera gear

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advice on replacement for old and bulky camera gear

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Starting off with a smartphone picture from 2012 to illustrate my dilemma: I'm only 1.55 metres tall and my camera and lens combo is (literally) weighing me down. In 2013 I upgraded to a Canon 7D (from 450) but the lens hasn't changed. It has no zoom lock and so is typically extended, hanging from my shoulder, a giant swinging appendage and a liability around children, in museums, shops, etc.

At the time I got this combo, I was a pixel peeper on a budget, so the lens was magical to me then, best I could buy, and I thought bigger was better anyway. The fool has fallen, because over the years as my time has been sucked by life and my photography enthusiasm has waned from evangelist to 'quite enjoyable', I hardly ever pick this camera up anymore: it's so BULKY and so heavy, and I have to face I'm a hobbyist only (though I do make paltry sums from stock). And living in Europe with light-packing weekend trips away, it just really doesn't fit my usual mode of travel.

My questions are:
  • do I keep the 7D and search for a lens of same or (preferably) better quality, with a similar zoom range and min aperture, only much smaller (should such a one exist)? (pros: I know the camera well by now and have invested in compact flash cards; cons: showing its age, particularly in resolution, and it's big even without lens)
  • do I buy a lighter, newer APS-C camera, maybe mirrorless to cut down on weight (but I'd want a viewfinder), like the Fujifilm X-T3 or Canon M6 Mk II, and get a lens that satisfies the same criteria above?
  • do I buy a compact camera like the G7 X Mk III and stop trying to take photography seriously? (not my favourite option, but better than my phone, which is what I use now because I never take my giant swinging appendage out with me anymore...)
I know this is a huge amount to ask for feedback on! I would so dearly appreciate any help and advice. I don't necessarily need to know WHAT camera or lens to get, but at least help narrow down my search, considering my options. I have trips upcoming to Hawaii, Bangkok, Prague, Westport, etc, so any improvement on my current situation would be so useful and put to good use!

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