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Entry level microphone for camera and PC

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 5:52 am
by patty
I'm looking for a budget microphone that would work on a Canon M50 (occasionally) but double as a PC microphone (a lot more often).

On camera:
- concerts

On PC:
- voice communication (a desktop - no microphone included),
- recording guitar (nothing fancy, just learning)

It's totally new to me, so I checked the mainstream option first: Rode VideoMic Go seems fine.
It's also quite cheap where I live: roughly $65 with tax (compared to $99 + tax in US).

Do you think I can find something better for the price? Any less popular brands (available in Europe)?

The sound quality from Rode is... fine (judging from youtube reviews). I've seen $20-30 microphones that perform better, but none of them makes sense on a camera.

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